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i have just put zombie apocalypse on my CF so will have a bash when i have done some work today -- i know holiday is gone already, sometimes i wish i was a zombie, at least the buggers dont have to work. I have a complete set of resident evil games , aprt from the DS and Gameboy advance ones, and love them - the first and second is still my fave though. the voice acting in the fist PSX version was superbly bad, still makes me crack up. I loved They Hunger, I got it off a PC gamer cover disk but the episodes got lost in a house move - must see if i can get them again. I also play Left 4 Dead on xbox, as well as Zombie panic half life 2 mod that is a real scream. Urban dead i tried but it just didnt do it for me. Stubbs is available for download on xbox live so i might just grab it if i have enough points. the spectrum had a nice little game called Zombie Zombie that was based pretty close to Ant Attack.
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