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I thaught people liked the amiga's because of the way the proprietary hardware worked with the proprietary software. And this combination of proprietary software/hardware was years ahead of anything you could buy from other vendors.

So I wonder why would somebody buy any of the new hardware if you cant use any of the older hardware/software from the amiga on it. If you wanted to run software through an emulator you can already do that on cheap Wintel equipment.

And from what I seen of the new hardware people are selling, it is in no way equal to or even years ahead of anything the Wintel/Apple hardware can do.

I mean if Rolls Royce had gone out of buisiness in the early 90's would you buy a Ford Taurus from me for alot of money if I put a Rolls hood ornament on it?

I'm not nocking the Old Amiga (especially since I have recently purchased an A500, addons, 1084 monitor etc), but unless 1 company is going to spend the cash to create a new industry revolutionary Amiga hardware platform with tightly integrated software its just not an amiga anymore.
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