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Originally Posted by Exl View Post
Does nothing (no "javaw is unreecognized command" either).

A lot of info is missing, yes. I haven't been able to find where the Nodes info is found, though I do see triggers (events) near where a node is. But Whether they've added code behind the levels I'm not sure. Have a look at Events and "Covers" as I've dubbed them are linked together. A lot of the game's mechanics can already be replicated just by activating\deactivating these covers when a trigger\event is started. A remake should be possible with this. Now, monster locations on the other hand...?
Try "java" instead of "javaw".

There are not necessarily a trigger around nodes. In more advanced levels, I see some trigger right where the node is, but on the first level I don't.

Your editor looks good! Looks better than mine. My editor shows items graphically (coins, keys, etc...) but not all the trigger stuff. It also displays height info and transitions (but you've got that I'm sure).
I'm not sure about the "monster location and animation" part. IMHO it's only an animation block.
There's a lot of redundant stuff in the level data for speed sake (height masks ...). That's not helping either. Furtermore, I believe that the structures are not read only but read/write (once loaded in memory of course), hence a lot of zeroes to store information during the game.

If we write a functional editor, it could be possible to "import" original game data, and then add missing stuff that could not be found or which is in the code. In Gods remake, I've written an association system which works 80% of the time: key opens door when pressing lever, monster appears when entering area, item appears when entering area if other item owned ... Saves a lot of coding.

I see a lot of technical problems for a remake (I've got a good experience in remakes now )

- the RJP format has no replayer for windows. I've got 68k source but it writes into custom chips and it's not straightforward. Using 68k 2 C like with the ATN! stuff won't be that easy, specially if the player changes sampling freq (which is very likely). It would be cool if the modules could be converted in .mod format. Then I've got a working module player for SDL, which means that I can control the parts that are played.

- the AI for the second computer player is not a piece of cake. I remind that the game release was delayed because of the AI. Well, maybe we could start with 1 player mode with all bonuses divided by 2 (money/powerups/health) so it's fair.

- the AI/moves for the monsters won't be that easy to replicate, even if that's not the most difficult issue.

- AGA GFX are a bitch to rip. I have written a tool to convert some AGA .BIN files to png, and then I recolor files by hand using screenshots. GFXRip is no use since bitplanes are not ordered properly, and the palette is weird (AGA shit): each monster must be recognized (I've done most of the recognition) and recolored (means that the game must be played with winuae and a lot of screenshots are required) => takes a lot of time. And it would not look very good in ECS 16 color mode.

- ECS GFX are not that easy to rip either.

- SFX must be ripped without the music on (WinUAE can disable channels). Let's hope that the sound system does not have a channel allocation mode...

- The game is complex, a lot more complex than Gods.

- Once we get the game working with original levels, some enhancements would need to be made or else it would not be worth remaking it:
- a new set of 16 levels should be designed (take a lot of time!!)
- gfx should be reworked partly by hand (scale2x is good but too automatic).
- maybe some ECS tiles should be recolored to look better.
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