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What i need?

Yesterday i decided to get my a1200 working again.
The problem is i have no idea what my amiga can because last time i worked(played) with it i was 10 years old or so.

i already managed to get a transfer connection to my pc working (thanks to ppill)
i installed: WB3.0, Adfblitzer,Paradise and joiner1.11

i seached the forum but i have still some questions:

1) My workbench is grey and boring: What do i need to get a wallpaper working? (i´m using an old tv)

2) can i play my games from the harddrive without whdload?

3) How to get a boot sequence working? Most of the times after booting i get the input disc screen or amigados. How to boot directly to my wb?

4) is there a way to get a music player working?

5) I often get messages about to put a "printer" and a "env" disc into floppy. I have no env, printer discs.

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