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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
try to open a DOS prompt and run "javaw". See what it does.
Does nothing (no "javaw is unreecognized command" either).

Player start location seems not included. As opposed to Superfrog, Cannon Fodder, and other "simple" tile-based games, there's code behind the levels, thus making the game more interesting because there's a behaviour. I'm not sure they developped some scripting language (well maybe it's the case) but it's really easier to code stuff directly, unlike Cadaver, where a scripting language was developped specially.

So I think that modifying the level data won't do any good to create new levels with the original game engine (unlike Superfrog), but knowing all this data certainly helps to create a remake that's very faithful to the original level data.
A lot of info is missing, yes. I haven't been able to find where the Nodes info is found, though I do see triggers (events) near where a node is. But Whether they've added code behind the levels I'm not sure. Have a look at Events and "Covers" as I've dubbed them are linked together. A lot of the game's mechanics can already be replicated just by activating\deactivating these covers when a trigger\event is started. A remake should be possible with this. Now, monster locations on the other hand...?
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