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Originally Posted by Exl View Post
I couldn't run it sadly (won't find javaw, despite having installed JRE6 and adding it's bin directory to the system PATH variable). I don't know if you've seen my post in the "Some disassmebled games" topic, but I posted a textfile there with the things I've figured out about Chaos Engine's level format so far. In addition to what you've described, I've figured out how the music transitions are stored, how the disappearing and appearing of parts in the level works, and how triggers and objects are stored.

That said a lot of the data in those tables remains a mystery to me. I eventually just got stuck and gave up on an editor\remake. I hope you will have more luck though! I've attached what I found out.
try to open a DOS prompt and run "javaw". See what it does.

Too bad I did not see your textfile earlier!! I should have guessed that you had worked on the game.

Here's my level info. I did not find as much as you. I did not find the appearing/disappearing stuff, music transitions, nor a lot of links between the tables.

Player start location seems not included. As opposed to Superfrog, Cannon Fodder, and other "simple" tile-based games, there's code behind the levels, thus making the game more interesting because there's a behaviour. I'm not sure they developped some scripting language (well maybe it's the case) but it's really easier to code stuff directly, unlike Cadaver, where a scripting language was developped specially.

So I think that modifying the level data won't do any good to create new levels with the original game engine (unlike Superfrog), but knowing all this data certainly helps to create a remake that's very faithful to the original level data.
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