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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Great work jotd Really cool to view the whole levels
Guess the gamemaps for Chaos Engine are added soon

Edit : There are some 'pink' spots on the later levels. I guess it's some transparency thing. First occurence is on level 2-2 at the exit. Can you replace this color with black when exporting the picture jotd?
yes you can create gamemaps with the export function (does not include the items, though). HOL already have them, so it's not really useful.

I think transparency is unneeded, I would have to remove it in the source images.

I did not create the save function. Not sure that I can modify the levels in a way that they're very different from the original ones: most of the stuff seems code-driven.
But that's a good start for a remake

BTW I found a gold key that I never found before in level 2-2, thanks to the bonus display. The other secrets I already knew all. That's good for closure.

I have tried to decode Gods levels this way, but no luck it seems packed/more complex.
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