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I wish it would come back but i honestly think the moment has long since gone.

Form what I remember as a kid Commodore have a lot to answer for. The A500 was a superb machine but then the 500+ came along that half the A500 games didn't work on it so who would want one? As the 500+ had just came out there were few games wrote for the 500+ and trillions still on the shelves for the A500 that wouldnt work. I mean, why as I kid would I want a computer (Amiga or not) that couldnt play Turrican, Lotus, Sensi etc etc. when I had all that with the stunning A500.

It wasn't until the A1200 came along and put commodore on the map again but it was a little too late as the PC/Mac was getting it right year in year out not wasting them with crap products.
The fantastic CD32 came along only to be loaded up with 2 year old A1200 ports I mean come on!! Commodore literally crucified the Amiga and its something I can never forgive them for.

Strong comments above ment in a very pro amiga way and I apologise if it offends anyone but this is how I remember it happening at the time. I love the Amiga and if it ever did come back and it could compete with the Mac or even Linux never mind PC Id be straight there with my cheque book out supporting them.

It really is a different world these days though.
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