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Too many to list, but anyways these are some that have shocked me:

Shadow of the Beast (how I wanted an Amiga when I first saw it )
Speedball ii
UFO (repetitive as hell, but absolutely perfect tactics game. Still play it sometimes)
Elvira I (ahh the atmosphere, the graphics, the puzzles...)
Space Hulk
Another World (the animation in its time was astounding)
Dreamweb (another brilliant adventure with atmosphere and great "adult" -no, not pr0n- ending)
Wolfenstein 3D (PC)
Ultima 7 & Serpent Isle (PC, the best RPG's I've ever played)
Syndicate (PC, haven't played it on Amiga)
4D Sports Boxing/Driving
Tie Fighter (PC)
Dynablaster !!
Abadia del Crimen (spectrum)
Wings of Fury
Master of Orion (PC)
Heroes of Might & Magic III (PC)

Castlevania: Symphony of the night (PSX - awesome 2D scroller)
Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX - great tactics game, awesome "adult" -still not pr0n- ending)
Silent Hill (had to search an explanation of the story online to understand it )
Streets of rage I & II (Megadrive - the music!)
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