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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
An accelerator with memory on, u won't regret it . How fast though is your choice to make though, coz it really depends on how far u want to go, but I have a feeling most people here will tell u to stay clear of 040 though, for your a1200 needs.
060 is cool, but it will cost a downpayment of a house and 030 they say is compatible and fast as well and its actually affordable.
I'm using a blizzard 1260-50 myself and have never regretted the money spend on it, on the other hand I never owned a 030 so.... but if gaming was all i needed i would not go for the king myself

yes gaming is my first passion so what accelerator is best? i would also consider putting my miggy on my network but for now i want to buy a HDD and expansions before life gobbles up my christmas money.

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