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Hi all. Shamelessly making use of your mail I'll also introduce myself O:-)

I've always loved the Amiga, but could never had one. Then, recently I decided to buy a refurbished 1200 from Amigakit and now I am in the memory/accelerator phase

In my limited experience, WHDLOAD is a must because it allow games/demos to run in any Amiga from the HD, the problem is: it needs RAM. The 2Mb chip included in the 1200 are simply not enough when using it.

About expanding the Amiga: please take my words this with extreme caution as I am also a newbie

If you are only interested in the classic games I would say that the cheapest would be a memory expansion (8 Mb is the max AFAIK). I have a Blizzard 1220 turboboard with 8Mb and every classic game I've tried just works. But I mostly want my Amiga to watch demos, and most modern ones require more memory (and CPU).

IMO, the most sensible option would be a accelerator with a 68030 and 32Mb. That should run everything. But personally I got lucky and now I have a second-hand Blizzard 1260 with 16 Mb (a 128 Mb SIMM is coming ) at a reasonable price, but I was lucky as they are hard to find, and wildly expensive...

I would say that the easiest way to see how much mem do you need is to use WinUAE with 2/8/32/128Mb and see if the games you are interested in work there...
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