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Originally Posted by 5h00n4y View Post
The good part is, there are some youngsters out there (females even ) that got the Amiga bug somewhere, no matter, maybe their dad had an Amiga, maybe their brother/sister played one when they were younger... they somehow know it or found by accident - and what's the best part - they adore it!

Good! There is hope then, with the females I mean

Seriously, here the situation, as far as I know, is more like point 1 you referred.

But i am always amazed is with young people in their early 20's who are truly hardcore fans about the Amiga.

My daughter plays Amiga games since she was 3 years old (she's turning 6 now) and never looked about another gaming platform. No PS2, Nintendo or later PS3. This is what truly amazes me.
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