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@xpect: well, yes & no

I can only say by the situation here in Poland from what I saw on the forums and Amiga-meetings, but generally speaking, the "old" amiga users got divided into 3 groups:
1. the Classic Amiga users that mostly play games and mingle with the hardware and sometimes do some mods or a pixelart.
2. the Pegasos users who are mostly into programming
3. the AmigaOne blood thirsty fanatics who think their hardware is the only one in the world and nobody deserves to be even considered an Amiga user who doesn't have an Amiga sticker... ...

The good part is, there are some youngsters out there (females even ) that got the Amiga bug somewhere, no matter, maybe their dad had an Amiga, maybe their brother/sister played one when they were younger... they somehow know it or found by accident - and what's the best part - they adore it!

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