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Question Sound, Tried everything

I just want to know wether the Sound Blaster Audio PCI 128 card,
is one of those cards that won't work ok never with Winuae.

I've read all the readmes, many discussions and tried things like

: Downloading latest drivers
: Try every Sound buffer size and any Sound option (accuracy,
quality and the new lag control)

But still the sound is buggy, it just chuckles, plays 4 secs and
stop. If I change the buffer size it plays 6 secs ands stops...

I dunno what else to try, any help? or should I stick to Winfellow? . I would be just happy if someone told be if my
card is one of the 'bad' ones, because I'm a bit frustated of
downloading every version the last years, only to realize that
the sound problem doesn't disappear.

Computer specs:

PIII 750Mhz
256Mb RAM
TNT32 Riva
SoundBlaster Audio PCI 128

BTW, Opengl support works better for me. Thank you for your
work, anyway.

From San Sebastian, Spain
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