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Originally Posted by mihcael View Post
Yeah, id rather see all the Development tools left out to keep the size under a CD but that the way it is!
Download complete. If it's possible to remove the Development tools from the ISO to get it to fit on to a CD, I might just do that for the time being. But I'll only be putting off the inevitable. I suppose I'll have to get a DVD burner at some stage. VmwAROS would be as good a reason as any.

Have you tried WinAROS?

I loaded it up once and it looked great, but I didn't figure out how to make much use of it. It's certainly very easy to install and remove. The trouble with any version of AROS I have tried is the difficulty of importing and exporting files in and out of the AROS environment. I suppose it's got to be easier than the early days with those boot disks!

I would like to enter into a more detailed discussion about this when I've had a chance to try out a few things. I'll speak to you later, I'm sure.


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