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Hi Guys
my head was so so so bad this morning - such a minging hangover
i have just got home and my parcel from has arrived already
so lets open it together
1 x mouse - branded amiga, with a ball in it
2 x joysticks - mmmm quickshot 2 clones - really for a true retro experience i need an old atari2600 joystick i think
1 x scart to amiga rgb lead with audio - nice and weighty, looks hi quality
1 x 3.1 amiga OS 6xfloppy disks - ohhhh this is technical stuff i will fetch a beer
10x amiga formated floppies - ok i remember these things, i think i still have a 12yr old dirty yellow slot thingy in my old desktop pc that I put these in to save copies of my history homework when i was young and fancied the girl next door. 12yrs is a good age for scotch
1x easy ADF PCMCIA Compact Flash Transfer Kit and 1x 1gig flash card- now this is the exciting part it comes with some instructions that i will look at last. will go and put some adf files on it from my desktop upstairs - back in a moment..

ok I'm happy *GLUGG GLUGG* beer gone, time for a gin and tonic......
ok I'm back:

right some more questions
Is it worth putting OS 3.1 on the flash card?
when i hold both mouse buttons down when i boot my 1200 the instructions that came with the machine say it can be downgraded so it will be compatible with Amiga500 games - what settings do i choose to do this? disable the cpu cache?
Can i install LHA and amiga hard drive based files that are legaly downloadable from the net - like Paradroid 90 - to the flash card?
i am looking on eab for hard drives and expansions so my a1200 is fully a500 compatible and can go on my home network - has anybody out there already done this and can supply me with a list of what they did?

ok off to drink and try running a couple of ADFs see you later and thanx for your time
Pub x
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