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amiga and booze fits like a glove indeed anyways, if u wants to get your amiga1200 ready for whdload games, the peeps here have told u mostly what u really need
So to sum it up
Hardware for a1200:
1.Get a harddrive or one of those nice and silent flashadapters for your internal ide port , u should take note though that there is a gb limit, so if it was me, i would probly get a flashy and a 2gig card for it, then u can allways update your card when u get comfortable with the "how to" break that limit if u need to remember this is amiga so there really are no limits only imagination
2.Yes u need the pcmcia adapter asap for easy transfer of your files from/to your pc, this really is a must have and its cheap , btw before people are rambling on about how u can probly use this as a harddrive aswell, since u are only starting to get back to your roots, forget it, u use this adapter and the extra flashycard u stuff into it for one thing only "moving files with ease"

these are must haves, that wasn't too bad was it ?
But now u need to make a choice, as u will probly want to relive the glory days of a few amiga games and demos and so on, u must keep in mind that many of those games and stuff we remember is NOT happy with a1200's aga chipset, so unless u want only want to use your a1200 for writing files back to disks to use in an a500, u need to expand your a1200 a little further and this is where it can get a little tricky

For that u should get either
a. a memory expansion of at least 4megs (in my opinion not really an option)
b. get an accelerator card to stuff into that trapdoor, i would say if gaming is what u want and running mostly old stuff a 030 with 50mhz and all the ram u can get your hands on (isn't it 32mb that's the limit on those ?) but 16megs is probly enough right ?
c. or if u wish to go the whole ten yards get yourself a 060 card with as much ram as possible (64megs), simply bcoz if u go for 060 u will most certainly be enjoying those shiny new demo's released each year and memory should not be an issue if u allready spend those hardearned cash on a 060 card. yea they are pricey suckers

Problem is though which ever way u choose to expand into that trapdoor of yours, u probly need to look around the net and hope to get lucky, coz, at least here in denmark, amiga expansions arent easy to digg up, but maybe someone out here can help.
Hope this helps u out m8 and welcome back to the amazing world of amiga
oh and sorry for those weird spells im from denmark and english isnt really much my thing

Yikes I allmost forgot, if u are setting up your amiga on a tv set, u should check if u have a RGB scart port, if so, u better grab one of those RGB scartcables on amigakit for razor sharp image (no i didnt mention indivision on purpose)
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