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Newbie says hello again to my fave ever system

HI Guys.
and happy holidays to all. I just want to introduce myself and say hi before i drive you all mad with questions and you tell me to read the wiki
I always loved the Amiga and it has always been my favourite system to emulate on the gp2x.
My beloved brought me one of the 'OLD new' 'unused' Amiga1200 from It came without a mouse or the operating system - as she is not at all computer game minded, when asked if i needed an OS installed she told them 'NO' as 'i do it all the time??????' in fact she hates me playing games so she brought me my favourite ever system. i don't understand women!!!! I called mat at - who was very very patient and most helpful despite his cold, and he advised me to start off with the following:

operating system 3.1 comes on 6 disks - i presume this is workbench etc? will i need to install this every time i boot the machine? will i need a hard disk to get over this? is the OS installed on a chip in the original machine?
a mouse of course!
an easy adf transfer kit with 1 gig card - now this baffles me a bit - does it not work similar to a hard disk any way? can i use whdload with this - bear in mind i dont know what whdload really is?
a luverley jubberley joystick!
a hard disk seems a good idea from what u guys say so i will order one next week, if i can build my own pc i take it i can install a pre formated and partitioned drive? what else do i need to use 'whdload' to import my games from pc to hd?
i loved my amigas in the 1990s so this is going to be a full on obsession and i would like to get to know other like minded nutters - i just need a little prod in the right directions.
finally i would also like to start collecting the games again - my boxes ,floppies and instructions are a mouldy mess in my dads shed, so if you can help me out buying games PM me. ANYTHING BY BRAYBROOK (PARADROID 90 AND URIDIUM2 ARE AN ABSOLUTE MUST) AS ARE ANYTHING BY TEAM 17 AND MICROPROSE, OH AND JULIAN GOLLUP TOO PLEASE.

once again thank you very very much
and thanx Matt
i couldnt sleep last night - i feel 15 years younger AND DUMBER

pub x
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