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Some games that really impressed me graphically were -

Last Ninja on the C64 (I loved the isometric view and the lush backdrops)

Nebulus, C64 (that rotating tower looked really cool)

Ducktales, Amiga (because it was the first Amiga game I ever saw, had only seen C64 graphics before then.. and those still images while it was loading really impressed me)

Shadow of the Beast 2, Amiga (the nice animation, great scrolling, very cool design)

Another World, Amiga (awesome animation, very interesting backdrops)

Monkey Island, Amiga (loved the backgrounds, character closeups etc)

Wolfenstein 3D, PC (first FPS game I saw, was really impressed with the 3D world there, thought it looked fantastic)

Doom, PC (blew me away)

Space Quest IV, PC (first 256 color Sierra adventure game I played and the graphics really blew me away.. first 256 color game I ever saw too. I still think the graphics in the old 256 color Sierra adventure games are really good!)

Quake, PC (first polygonal FPS game I ever saw.. all the games I'd played up until then had sprites as enemies... and when I first saw it using 3dfx, that blew me away even more)

Far Cry, PC (In my opinion, this was the best looking of the big FPS releases back then, including Doom 3 and Half Life 2. Loved the very nice looking and huge maps)

Resident Evil Remake, GC (very nice 2D backgrounds with awesome lighting effects and good models too. This game still looks gorgeous).
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