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Pegasos Amiga clone running MorphOS started shipping today.

For those that don't know the Pegasos is an Amiga clone that has been being designed for a long time. It is from some of the software/hardware creators of the Phase5 Amiga PowerPC cards. It started shipping today and includes Linux and MorphOS. MorphOS is a PowerPC OS that runs Amiga 68X applications and PPC MorphOS applications like UAE, SCUMM & MAME. MorphOS also runs on Amigas that have PowerPC cards. I am surprised they beat the AmigaOne to market. Pegasos will not run Amiga OS 4.0 until they get a lincence from Amiga Inc. I hear Amiga Inc. don't like MorphOS. Nice to see a compatible Amiga clone that is PowerPC based shipping, come on AmigaOne team your next.
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