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Originally Posted by 5h00n4y View Post
Phew... finished.
That battle on Mars was so much easier when playing in WHDLOAD PAL NOMMU NOCACHE mode
I enjoyed the rest of the game in NTSC MMU CACHE, which was so smooth, so fast, so fullscreen...
From then the game become pretty boring, the events were obviously time-based, the search and long trip to the only (was it?) planet that had chromium was annoying and the FINAL final battle with the Martians was a joke which I ignored.

Nice game, took me 3 to 5 hours, it's probably even easier then Supremacy.
No difficulty levels, probably no way to die... yet pretty frightening when some colony is under attack or the Martian Flu is spreading

Now I'm off to have some sleep, and tomorrow - Deuteros time :]
Again, here's my request for a few starters advice.
What to do, what to watch for, how to not die
Thanks and g'night
lol, the fighter scenes are easy, with mouse. I never had any probs back in the day.

For deteros, ermmmmm, theres not many tips I can give without spoiling the plot. If anyone tells you how many places to go to, then they are evil.

The only starting tips would be concentrate on earth (and moon) first. You will know what I mean, once you start playing.
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