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I think Barbarian 2 have some fans... I am not one of them

A.T.R. can be played with 2 players, but it's not much as fun. There's only player 1 and player 2 cars on the track, and both stays on the SAME SCREEN. If one is "pushed" out of the screen, the game puts it back on the track again. But the game shines on 1-player mode, with the greatest A.I. I've ever seen on a game like this, and amazing track design.

For 2 players overhead racing mayhem, I recommend Micro Machines. It works a bit like A.T.R. , it's a head-to-head competition, and both players are on the same screen. But when a player gets 'off' the screen, the other player is awarded a point. Who makes 8 points first, wins. It may sound harsh, but believe me, it works greatly. Both players always have a chance of winning, but they still need skill to do it (unlike say, Super Mario Kart, where the player behind always get the best power-ups) , and the races are always full of adrenaline. If you look for 2-players action, Micro Machines is one of the best recommendations I can give to you.

Edit: About Cytron.. the only real problem with that game are the graphics.. They could have used a better pallete. most stuff are yellow, and the explosions are BLUE!! What kind of explosion is BLUE? other than that, is a very good game, and one I played a lot.

Heh, now I saw, I've put Benefactor twice on my list

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