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Cytron? I thought I was the only one in the whole world to like this little blast'em up.

Burseg already said, but I'll say again. Go for Chaos Engine, you won't regret, it's an excellent action game.

Here are some of my fav action games for Amiga, probably there will be some common names with the burseg list.

Battle Squadron - vertical shmup
Uridium 2 - horizontal shmup
Apidya - horizontal shmup
Ruff 'n' Tumble - Platform
Soccer Kid - Platform
Qwak - Platform
Arabian Nights - Platform
Turrican series - Platform
Benefactor - Platform/Puzzle
The Lost Vikings - Platform/Puzzle
Benefactor - Platform/Puzzle
Brutal Sports Football - Erm.. it's a brutal american football game
Cannon Fodder - War game
Sensible World of Soccer - ok, not exactly an action game, but no amiga games collection is complete without it
All Terrain Race (A.T.R.) - Overhead Racing (If you like Super Cars II, you'll love this one )
Micro Machines - Overhead Racing (great for 2 players blasts)
Alien Breed series - Overhead blast'em up
Flashback - Platform/Arcade Adventure
Another World - Platform/Arcade Adventure

Those are a few I can remember now.. cross the above list with Burseg's list , and you'll get some great action games for your A500. Well, there a couple of games on Burseg's list I don't think I would recommend ... Shadow Dancer is good but not that great, and Elvira:The Arcade Game is no big deal.. but that's just my opnion . I think all James Pond games are great, but I believe he's talking about James Pond 2: Codename Robocod.. that's the most popular one, and indeed is the better one.
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