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Play Chaos Engine 1! You won't be sorry

I'll name some action games I like but I'll probably miss many of them, some of them are more strategy or adventure oriented:

SWIV, Silk Worm, Project X, Stardust, Alien Breed (all except 3d ones) Shadow of the Beast (all three of them), Turrican (all three of them), B.C Kid, Gods, Myth, Leander, Walker, Super Frog, First Samurai, Second Samurai, Arabian Nights, Cannon Fodder (both of them), Elvira: the Arcade Game, James Pond (I don't remember which one was good), Fury of the Furries, R-Type 1&2, Apidya, Shadow Dancer, Syndicate, Zool 2, Agony, Pang, Switchblade 2, Universal Warrior

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