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Guys, this thread is so full of dead horses being beaten up I don't know where to start....

I must admit that I am also very confused here; EAB can argue the pitch and toss of Public Domain / Urheberrecht or whatever you want to call it in any language, yet you allow clearly illegal 'warez' in the form of cracked games to be posted in the Zone, as admitted earlier in the thread by Andreas - "It's no secret".

I can see why some of the posters in this thread are getting so exasperated with this, as there appear to be double standards all over the place....

Either copyright exists or it doesn't; you can't bend the rules, just because it's convenient to selling a CD of public domain demos. Even freeware, although freely distributable, is subject to copyright.

Troll me if you like, I've been here before on the subject of copyright, you will ingore everyone who disagrees anyway.........
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