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Originally Posted by dir_marillion View Post
It was not only the faster cpu, Atari ST was better than Amiga 500 in some hardware points: a. Atari had ASCI port (using it for connect SCSI hard disks and cdrom), b. it had also midi ports, c. it had a ready 640x400 resolution (not flickerred) for dtp applications, d. it had TOS in ROM (no need of a disk for the os). Sure, there is a respect for all Ataris in EAB.
a. Seems a little irrelevant seeing how there are good A500 solutions for hd/cd.
b. Almost no one needed midi, except musicians.
c. Yes, that's true. On the ST there is actually usefull software that uses this mode. The backdraw is that you need a special monitor for it that doesn't support 15khz modes. Not a problem for professionals, though.
d. Yes, it does. But TOS is a single tasking os as far as I know, and in the case of AmigaOs, the entire kernal is in rom, and a disk based os is preferable, because it's easy to update. Having everything in rom is not a definitive advantage. Also, an os is not part of the hardware, so it's irrelevant. Anyway, AmigaOs is probably much better than TOS.
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