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It was not only the faster cpu, Atari ST was better than Amiga 500 in some other hardware points too: a. Atari had ASCI port (using it for connect SCSI hard disks and cdrom), b. it had also midi ports, c. it had a ready 640x400 resolution (not flickerred!!) - bigger than the resolution of the Macs -for dtp and midi applications-, d. it had TOS in ROM, e. the internal and external construction of the Atari was a little bit more expensive than the Amiga :-)

Atari was between Apple and Amiga philosophy, so had better software at word processing, dtp, vector design software, cads etc.. for many years. Atari become famous with Calamus and Cubase, two Great pieces of software in Computer history.

So, of course there is a respect for all Ataris in EAB, as much as for all Amigas !!

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