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DPAINT 4 AGA working great on RTG !!

I just discovered that DPAINT 4 AGA is RTG compatible and works perfect and fast on any RTG screen...(tested it on WINUAE)

That's was a fantastic discovery for me cause I always used DPAINT 5 and never worked
Also DPAINT of course is my preferred painter and now it's working fast at high resolutions !!!!
It works on any Picasso 96 resolution up to 256 colors
if you select more colors > doesn't work

I tested DPAINT4 AGA up to 1920x1440 x256 great !!!
however on large screens you run out of chip memory and you must select on WINUAE more chip ram.....
Select 8mb chip ram on WINUAE preferences and all will be fine !!


for an unknown reason DPAINT 5 works only on AGA and it crash if any RTG screen is selected

*** if anyone knows a patch or a way to make DPAINT 5 works on RTG ...please post here
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