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reading my posts after a couple of years makes me always realize that i love myself
that's ok, because pretty much nobody else in the world loves me. actually, at the last count, the word was more about "hate and loath" but no matter, because i love myself and i would gladly burn you all. uhm. what was i saying? oh yes, taliking about the "wooow" games... why would one do such verses in public is beyond me.
anyway, to that list, that is, my list, and therefore, inherently correct, i would like to add:


- Xenon II
- Lotus 2 (not that i liked it better than the 1, but it amazed me how much bigger and colourful were the screen)


- Tomb Raider I (it was amazing the lot of things a female character in a game could do. no wait. i meant the jumps and interaction with scenery).

and so here we are, at the end of yet another post. i ate too hastily my dinner. oh well... the previous 2 phrases were provided to you courtesy of that curious rigmaroling or chanting inflexion some english speaking woman i knew used to use. it was cute. and also unnerving.
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