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No 3D game ever made me go "Wow".

I thought that Doom 3 would have given me a stiffy based on the screenshots that were released but when the game arrived on my desktop. Even running at 75 FPS on my gfx card at native panel resolution with max detail and 8x antialiasing. But it just didn't look as good as the stills.

I thought that Oblivion would have at least made my nipples tingle from the screenshots, especially the ruined church with bump maps and moving grass. But again it failed to deliver even with full detail everything and HDR when in motion it just didn't feel fluid enough, the bump maps, LOD and depth queuing just wasn't realistic enough. I felt cheated the first time I played this game.

I thought that Crysis was finally going to be the 3D game to make me cum in my pants. The stills looked amazing, the movies looked great too. But when it arrived on my desktop, even with my work computer (Quad Xeon E5430 with 16Gig of RAM and a Radeon 4870x2) it just wasn't as pants wetting as I had hoped.

Perhaps each time my aspirations are too high.


If only the 3D modellers would learn how to do hands! FFS it's not rocket science.

1) Not all hand gestures are physically possible. Use constraints which model the limitations of the bones and tendons of the hand so that you do not do unnatural poses!! If you dont understand what I mean, try to bend your little finger in to the palm of your hand without bending your others!!

2) Gravity plays a big part in the positions of a persons hands. If you do not model (or at least fake) how gravity affects wrist orientation and finger position then hand movements look like those of Thunderbirds puppets!! If you do not understand what I mean just lay your arm and hand flat on the desk and then raise it naturally. You'll see that your hand, wrist, fingers all naturally droop in response to gravity. No-one holds their muscles totally taught to maintain constant angles in every day movement.

3) Constant minor pseudorandom adjustment. Humans constantly adjust the angle of their wrists and positions of their fingers (within the limits imposed by their bones and tendons). If you keep the angle constant and do not move the fingers at all then wave a persons arms around you again get a Thunderbirds marionette puppet look.

These are BASIC principles that any decent 3D programmer/modeller could overcome in 2-3 days of programming.... do any of them do it?


So why TF not?


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