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after many years without using my amiga 1200 (SHAME !) i just discovered there is WinUAE. I first wanted to thanks the author of this GREAT emulator.
so now, here is my problem :
I installed WinUAE + AIAB on my home computer (PIII 500/512Mo/MATROX G400MAX/Win2kSP2/DX8.1) without any problem ! it work fine ...
then, i installed WinUAE + AIAB on my work computer (PIV 2GHz/256Mo/RADEON 8500/WinXP/DX8.1) with a BIG problem :
each time i 2xclick on an drive icon, the emulator reset. Sometimes, it does not reset but the system hangs on an Intuition exception ... anyway i can't open a window from a drive icon !
Does this problem already appears to someone ?
I tried to de-activate MagicMenu, TitleShadow, VisualPrefs, and patchAsl from the aiab-startup but nothing better !
If someone can help me, i can provide the WinUAE log ...
(i'm not a crack in amiga, but i really wanted to use it daily!)
best regards
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