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Originally Posted by jabsy View Post
Just like it works in Sweden for The Pirate Bay???
that are diffent things what you mean.

we talk here about the "status" of the software, not what the law allow what the users can do or not.

when example a usa-developer say his software are pd, than are this in every country pd. i dont know any law in any country what change this. a usa-developer can change his mind and say: today i would like use the german law.

when a developer say his software are copyright than are the software under (c) in every country where accept this rights. for this give it contracts between the states.

Retro-Nerd talk here every time about the word "PD" and think wrong. right, the german law-text dont know the word "PD". the but german law know other words for this. that are 90% the same as PD.

and the german judge (thats the possible) accept the status PD and Freeware from other states when he dont damage the german law.
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