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Originally Posted by BuZz View Post
The scene archives is a 12 disk collection. sure you only have about 4 of them, but we are talking about the fact that it would be impossible for there to be permission for all the items. I don't understand why you just can't admit it. I guess because that would mean you are guilty of the same crime you accuse everyone else of ?

Many demos are PD.. yes perhaps, but many are not. And how do you know which are ?

I can tell you that the scene archives contains demos from people I know personally. I am pretty sure they have no problem with the archive, but I am also sure that they gave no specific permission to anyone for them. Just admit your guilt, and we can carry on. Stop lying to yourself!
Scene Archives are not maked from us. we have with the owner a publishing-contract. and in this contract he sign that he have all permission what he need.

sorry, i cant say any other. when someone sell us something and sign a contract that he have all permission.
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