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i'll have a try with winuae, try to figure out, what the isntaller is looking for. well, no secret, i'll give snoopdos a try, maybe there are some hidden tooltypes for something.

Edit: nothing special: looks for Tooltype WINDOW and for devs:at-apollo.device and devs:scsi-apollo.device. thats all.
i'm not really sure what special tweaks the installer will perform, but if you look on SD0:68060, you see three libs and cpu60. you could just copy the libraries into your Libs: and cpu60 into c:
well, cant say, if this will work at the end.

Edit2: while reading the strings only from the installer binary, i cant find any "060" or "040" related info. it just looks like the installer for the disk-controller addon (at or scsi). since it looks for l:fastfilesystem (forgot that above), its possible that it just refuses to use the newer version, which is included in 3.9 (not sure here).
but at the end, it look like a hard-drive-prepare/install tool. not related to 060-libs installer.

Edit3: have a look at SD0:060HD-Install_GB (text file). the important things are:
echo "Choose destination for the <68060.library>."
echo "Please select your <Libs:> directory:"

copy df0:libs/68#?.library $VERZ
copy df0:c/cpu60#? $VERZ

echo "Installation process finished."
$VERZ has to be choosen, in first case Libs: fits best and second c:
so simply copy the the three libs from either SD0:68060/68* or SD0:libs/68* into your Libs: folder (libs in the two folder have same size, seems equal). and finaly copy sd0:c/CPU60 into c:
that cant be wrong

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