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Thumbs up Thanks!!

You're the man!

This A500 really came alive today after years and years of Sensible Soccer sessions in our rehearsal room (it was the only game we had for it). I just got the Amiga Explorer from Cloanto and a serial cable today, and so i dug out all my old Oktalyzer music disks from 10 years ago... they have now been transfered to a "safer" place ;-)) Now i can make MP3's, playing them in WinUAE.
I have also been making real disks out of ADF's of Nebulus and a handful of other classics so i can play them on the real thing. Great stuff!

I only have two problems - the internal drive seems erratic sometimes (thanks for your help, i hope you can find the disk), and i think i might have a virus on some of my old disks, i suspect it lives in the "Disk Validator" and copies itself - the disks keep getting corrupted and giving checksum errors. I am cleaning them out by replacing Disk Validator from a Write-Protected copy of my Workbench disk.

Blah blah. . . Thanks for the heads up!!
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