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Originally posted by Danny Bacon
Admittedly, the GUI is still quite formidable, but perhaps now that the GUI is 'always on' WinUAE could be given have a more user-friendly WinFellow-style GUI with a front-page for the floppies and a hard-reset button, and a 'configuration' button to access the other settings.
Of course you realize that given that all users are different, there will be many differences of opinion about what constitutes "user friendly". In my own case, since I tend to create a separate configuration file for each game that holds the complete settings for each game, I find having the configuration tab be the first one displayed on entry to be very user friendly, since it allows me simply to scroll down to the game I want and double click on the configuration to load and run it, with no need to even have to look at any of the other tabs. I've always found WinUAE's handling of configuration files to be much more user-friendly than WinFellow's personally. My only point here is simply to point out that any GUI change that is made that has the effect of eliminating a few mouse clicks for some users while adding a few for others is likely to have as many people complaining about it as praising it, and probably more simply because it would be different than what users were accustomed to. For that reason, if I were contemplating some sort of a WinFellow style of GUI for WinUAE, I'd be tempted to create a new tab (or tabs) for that, and provide some sort of user option that would let users pick what style of GUI they wished to use. Just a thought ...
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