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Australia's largest coding, gfx
and music tracking party for
Oldskool & nuskool platforms

Come to MAUG and see the party crew in action for an exclusive special
treat for MAUG members not to be seen anywhere else! Just back from
overseas and we managed to secure a booking for our break-up. Are we good
to you or what! You've not seen such an exclusive since the days of the
CUAmiga and AmigaFormat coverdisk demos I bet! And that retro feeling will
keep on flowing at MAUG.

I wish someone had sent me a copy of this before I turned up almost COMPLETELY unprepared! (For those of you who don't know I am one of the Syntax Party Crew or System Of Sound Organization). I didn't realize we were the main event until I was in Chris' studio arguing with a dying A1200. I would have brought my second (or even my third) A1200 as well.

We were planning to show everyone the playlist of demos we were playing at BeachParty, but my old A1200 decided that it had had enough abuse LESS THAN AN HOUR before we were due to entertain you all. Oh well, is my face red or what!?

Anyway. Greets to all the cool people I met at the MAUG break-up (that would of course be all of you). For sure I'll be paying my membership and you'll be seeing me and my A1200 and my (at the moment incomplete) Efika/MorphOS system early Feb.

oh, and don't forget that the Melbourne Oldschool Demoscene now has a new home at - but we are all on holidays right now so don't expect to see much until mid-Jan.

If you make art on or for vintage computer systems and live in Victoria. Then we would like to showcase some of your work on our site. Visit the site for contact details.

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