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Amiga Christmas Tree

It's finished!


It's been fantastic to see so many people working hard on finishing their Amiga projects before Christmas time. In the spirit of this, I've decided to make a quick website that will have links to everyone's Christmas updates such as new Christmas skins/themes or anything you would like to release as a Christmas present to the Amiga community (games, demos, utils, updates, mods, pictures, anything). I'll be maintaining the site myself, so if you want to add a link to the page please e-mail or PM me, or even add me on (Sabre)MSN. My account is - arcadecammy (at) hotmail (.) com. I'm thinking of calling the page the "Amiga Christmas Tree" or something, and have all the links under the tree. It'll be a very basic HTML page, but at least it'll work in IBrowse, Voyager, A\Web, AMosaic, ALynx, OWB, Netsurf, or just about any other browser you point at it. If anyone would like to donate a picture for the site, perhaps a Christmas tree with a few Boing balls replacing some of the baubles, that would be fantastic! I imagine the page having either a red, white or green background too. At the moment, I only have my ISP free webspace to use for the site which is a long and not very nice looking URL, but if anyone wants to donate a domain name or re-direction address, that would be awesome.

So, what does everyone think? I could make it an annual thing, and I'll let everyone know on as many forums as I can, as well as checking out Aminet and adding links to the cool stuff that I find on there recently too. Hopefully, on Christmas morning, there'll be lots of Amiga-related presents for everyone under the tree and if we make this really big, we can make it bigger and better each year.

I guess I'll start with a couple of silly Christmas themed wallpapers I made, which you can get here - and

Merry Christmas everyone!

Love from,

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