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Thank you guys! You win 30 euro to share between you. Do either of you guys have PayPal accounts?

This is awesome news, FINALLY I can play this on the unexpanded CD32. I've been playing it on the CD32 with the SX32 since I made that old post, but that CD32 blew a CIA recently and can't be used, so I'm SX32less.

In preparation for a response several years ago, I began working on some CD32 CD case covers for a "Street Fighter Collection" which would include: Street Fighter, Final Fight, Street Fighter II, Super Street Fighter II (AGA), and Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Maybe such a compilation could still be put together, maybe using KGLoad or AMS. I wonder if there's much room left on the SSFIIT CD32 disc, and if it could keep the CD audio tracks as well as all those games on the CD it'd be pretty much perfect, or as perfect as we can get for now (until someone remakes a decent Street Fighter game).

Anyway, I've uploaded the design for the front cover to Magix' FTP in the CD32 directory, but here's a smaler preview:

I might try and make a SSFII:TNC one later, depends if I get the time. I'm trying to work on my own Amiga Christmas present at the moment but I'm not confident I'll finish it in time.

Once again, thanks heaps guys! And I'm serious about the PayPal thing, although I don't have a job anymore, I won't go back on my word, I'll find a way to pay the bounty.
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