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Monochrome and 8 bit

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Walk On The Wild Side - Hackers and Phreakers

Evenin' all.

Looking for a favour... Some will remember the above "documentary", shown on Channel 4 early 1994. Its been mentioned a couple of times in threads here and elsewhere. This program, more than anything else, led to the death of boxing in the UK. Possibly.

Anyway, I have it on VHS. I kept meaning to transfer to disk, but never got round to it. Until last night.

Sooo... its in digital format. I need to play with it a bit, crop the picture to remove stretching, balance the colours a bit. But once done... anyone want to see it?

The favour? I don't mind sticking it on a DVD and sending it out (if interested blank DVD and SSAE jiffy). But would anyone else help out, or perhaps better still, be able to seed it as a torrent or up it to usenet?

Two things to bear in mind. The tape is 15 years old. There are audio drop outs, colour drops, and a fair amount of tape stretch. The quality is not good, but is watchable. Other than drop outs, the audio is clear and audible.

As it stands, its a 5gb native AVI (approx 25mins). A quick trial run compressing down to a 300MB mpg resulted in unaccpetable macro blocks. Reasonable quality at 900mb. I might recapture and encode again, maybe, at any rate use a high-quality vbr encode. Or just hook the VCR directly to the TBC and not use a DV format capture!

Any interest, please comment. Don't PM, as I'll prolly wont have it ready until first week Jan, given the time of year, school hols starting, etc.
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