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Originally Posted by laffer View Post
Do you mean by using the new Youtube widescreen function?

There will still be black borders on the sides, though.. and at the top and bottom in the inside parts (unless I zoom the video in those bits).


Here is a test video I uploaded on a channel I use for crap videos.. I got rid of as much of the borders as I could, but the quality seems to have dropped somewhat (remember to choose high quality though).

[ Show youtube player ]

Don't know about that as I havn't uploaded a movie in a while. Can you crop movies there? Will upload a movie someday soon and find out.... too bad I havn't recently so I know what it can do.. and can't be bothered to do it right now anyway :P. When I crop movies, I do it in Virtual Dub or MeGUI (the tools the RAG community use for our movies)

Yes, of course, the sides will always have borders when it comes to amiga games, all you have to do and should do in all movies, not just amiga games is to just crop the top and bottom removing the blackness there, and the movie will automatically scare to best fit the window.

The outside uses more space on the bottom than the inside... I don't play SotB nor do I can to watch the whole video to find out, but outside and inside should use the same amount of space, so I think reason why the inside have more black at the bottom is that text messages comes there, no?. So my picture example was a bad choice, I should have used a picture from the outside, THAT one should have filled the top and bottom of the screen, then on the inside some black should be at the bottom, IF you know what I mean and IF the black missing part a the bottom of the inside is for text messages

Ok, took a look at screenshots on HoL, yup, so obvious what to do, the title screen is the same size as the outside, so, all the black area should have been cropped from the title screen, or from above and under an outside screen (saying above and under, because if u crop sides on an outside screen, the title screen will not fit as it uses that space), makes no difference, this will ofc leave some black space under the inside screen, which is the way it should be

The is no reason why the quality should change, unless you re-encoded the movie from previously encoded movie, or something...

So, uhm, as the inside screen is smaller than the outside screen, how did you get both to fit the window?, did you stretch the inside part or cut away some of the bottom of the outside?. Because according to the images at HoL, the outside should have no black ontop or under, but the inside should have a tiny bit black on the bottom

So, really, in all movies, even if it's real movies, game movies, the top and bottom should never have blackness, the sides depends on the content, in this case the sides of the outside and inside should ofc have some blackness in the original video, as the title screen and other picture screens uses that space. So, as a rule, always look for the biggest screen in the game and crop away the black from it, and the rest will be perfect.

Hope what I've just said isn't confusing , I just typed away :P
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