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Fear it's curiously anti-sinister design logic;

Looking back, I sometimes wonder why the gaming industry settled on a left-handed stick (with buttons on the right) as the standard, because the majority of the populace are right-handed... but anyway, I loved this stick because it worked on every Amiga game that I played that could use two buttons, it was quiet and soft but yet completely unfazed by even a serious beating in games like Speedball 2, and it seemed to have bullet-proof reliability; I've mentioned else where it lasted from around 1990 to 2002 in use for hours almost every single day on either the Sega Master System or my Amiga and as far as I know, still works today, being finally retired only when I moved to a PC for my gaming.

Nowadays I've got a USB competition pro, and a Saitek P990 analog pad, but for true gaming I have to admit I've stayed with the cheap but cheerful;

It's the Logic3 Tri-format Arcade Stick. I picked it up off eBay brand new for about 5... When I opened it, the stick rattled as if there was a broken component inside, which I eventually traced to a plastic leg and screw that had snapped off another stick and ended up in my case somehow. It has all the virtues of the old Sega classic though; it's soft without being inaccurate or brittle, it's relatively ergonomic despite looking like a cubist's wet dream, and it even works across 3 different gaming systems at least. Good stuff, and highly recommended (assuming I'm not just lucky in my build of stick, and the same feel is enjoyed by others... a fair few seemed to love the old SMS pads here though too, so I'm suspect I'm not totally biased without reason)
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