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RAWREAD - Advanced usage howto?

some questions about the brilliant RAWREAD from Toni Wilen.
Since RAWREAD makes it possible to read not only full disks but even "tracks intervals" (using the -s and -e parameters), if I make two "partial" ADFs of the same disk how can I use the two ADFs in order to obtain a single one?
In case it's possible to group/merge 2+ ADFs, what if some are partially "overlapping" (have some tracks in common)?

Is there somewhere a little manual or .doc (apart from the enclosed .c file)?

P.S. I know I can use, for example, X-Copy. I load it in WinUAE and I use it to copy some tracks from here and some tracks from there in order to obtain a final full disk. But in case of extended ADFs of protected games, X-Copy can't be useful for some heavily protected tracks.
An example: I used RAWREAD to dump my original disk of FOFT (Federation Of Free Traders). FOFT has the first tracks (0..78) easily copyable by a nibble copier, and the last track only copyable by Cyclone or Synchro Expert etc.
RAWREAD dumped the disk. I tried the extended adf in WinUAE and it freezed on track 9. I re-dumped it and copied track 9 from the second dump to the first dump (using X-Copy under WinUAE). Result: FOFT loaded correctly till track 39, then freezed. So I re-dumped the original again and copied track 39 from the third dump to the first dump. Result: FOFT loads! Yeahh!
The meaning of all this is: I was lucky with FOFT because it has only 1 "hard" track and I could cut&paste with X-Copy and different raw dumps. But it would be nice if I could raw dump parts of a protected disk and reassemble them with RAWREAD.

I forgot:

is it generally better/more reliable to copy AMIGA protected disks with:
1) the -r parameter only
2) the -r and -x -1 parameteres


Rainbow Islands (original) dumped well with -r -x -1, but not with -r only...
The second time I tried, it didn't work with -r -x -1 anymore... my disk drive is not perfect anymore, I suppose


I see there was a similar request here:

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