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Better late than ever! Here's my new Magum030 40Mhz and 32MB Fast Ram Pics :

The Card and 1stSimm (the fpu will come from my Hawk):

The second simm socket:

The card fitted in my A1200, note that only the 2nd simm can be used in order to close the trapdor of the A1200, in towercase the 2 simms can be used giving a total of 64MB of Fast Ram!!

My system insides:

And Finally the Sisinfo screenshot!

I have a stange feeling that the cpu on this card , the 68030, is in fact a 50Mhz version, as the last numbers of the chip have been scratched, will trie to read the last numbers to make shure, if so only need to find a 50mhz cristal and off we go!!

Other question, I allready fitted the fpu (a 68882 40Mhz) and SisSpeed keeps saying it's a 247Mhz chip (other times only 9mhz)!!!! is this normal or the fpu is toasted?

The CPU/FPU tests in SysSpeed run OK with no errors so the FPU must be OK.... I Think.

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