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Not mhz

earlier I said 1600+ not Mhz you must state the ratings or else there is little point to using them.
1.6 would also mean a Pentium 4 1.6 or higher. now the P4 1.6 would be slower than the 1600+ Athlon, so I could not say 1.4 Ghz becuase that would mean a celeron 1.4ghz or P4 would be acceptable and we all know an athlon or Athlon xp is faster than a tulatin celeron or the sloth like Willamette P4.

Different chips operate at different speeds so 1.4 Ghz would give varing degress of speed especially with the P4 compared to the chips from AMD and Intel. This is where the speed rating is helpful is gives a performance rating instead. This used to be a bit of a problem on games requirements as a minimum 400Mhz processor was really a Pentium 2 400Mhz and not a K6-2 which was slower. They decided to state K6-2 speeds as well, stating K6-2's 50Mhz higher than the minimum so people did not think their K6-2 400 Was acceptable.

This is the reason I did not state Mhz the previous Athlons were Mhz so a 1400Mhz Athlon would not perform the same as a 1400Mhz Athlon xp (1600+) although it would be close it pays to just use the rating system and think Mhz only if you are overclocking.

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