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Hmmm i was very young when i had an amiga 500+ so the pc and megadrive etc era was around.

i never had the money to buy full games, but i had tons of demo disks one dungeon rpg demo i remember fondly was called somthing like

halls of vallhalla or hero's of valhalla

it wasnt hall of heros or halls of vallhalla i check they are not the game i used. it was pure magic, u picked a team of 2 people there were like 50 different faces all cleric barbarians fighters classic D&D stuff they had preset stats or you could alter them to a degree like in NWN1/2

you started in the town bought food, magic items whatever you need for your quest, i think you could talk to people too, but that was sucky boring badly written bs. then you went into the next dungeon. you start off and choose which guy will lead your group, he or she does the combat then you encounter like a badly drawn rat it not dangerous but you kill it anyway and make your bard eat it. he becomes poisoned.

if you didnt find a cure in 10 mins he slowly dies, that happened all the time, if you in a fight with a guard and you loose too much constitution he gets poisoned and looses hp slowly.

its bolloxs i cant find the title im sorry

i think it was called valhalla: before the war. but mabey it never got released it was absoloutely hard. but beautiful very pretty

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