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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Just a note for all the silly people like myself who couldn't work out why the config tool wasn't working.

After you've flashed to v1.2 final you can adjust HighGFX (refresh rate, position etc) using the config program (v0.99). To do this you have to cycle through the screen modes (PAL, NTSC) to get to HighGFX, then you need to change it from 'use Standard Setttings' to 'use User Settings'.
The config tool needs a major revamp... the plus and minus buttons are backwards and when using standard settings, all adjustments options need to be disabled (grayed out/ghosted).

Note to the developer... allow custom settings to be saved in the Prefs/Presets area and recalled by the user. This way, settings can be saved for specific monitors, etc.
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