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Yes, the software directory is fairly new. I completed the construction of the section early this year, but have not had much time to add actual content into it, as I still have so much more to do on the site in other areas, as does everyone else involved. As with all such projects, I don't think they will ever be fully completed regardless of how long you work on them.

I also recognised a while back that no one seems to be actively working on a directory of Amiga productivity software that could come close to any of the many existing directories for Amiga games or demos. Therefore I thought it a great idea to begin one.

And now it seems that two others have noticed this too and have had the same idea. I've already approached them both to see if they would like to pool resources and combine/share data between the projects. This way we can all expand them much faster than working alone. Lets hope this happens.

I think there is a much greater danger of the information for Amiga productivity software being lost to time, compared to games and demos, because as newer software is released for current platforms less and less people are continuing to use the old software. This is in contrast to games and demos, which continue to be played/watched and enjoyed just as much as ever. So the original disks, packaging, manuals etc, and the information they contain is being lost much faster as people discard the software to land fills.

Therefore a productivity software archive is very much needed to preserve this information.
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