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Originally Posted by Deleauvive View Post
Also, it is not because YOU secured XP that it is a secure OS. XP computers, with firewalls on and updated antivirus programs, were targeted by two or three massive Trojan waves (SoBig...) worldwide, and this was a premiere in computer history, allowed only by the vulnerable nature of this crappy OS, and I am not even speaking about its amazing infestation with spywares, via IE 6.
Well I'm using XP since 2001 and NEVER had a virus or trojan on my home computers.
It depends how you protect yourself and specially how do you interact with potential threats by your behavior. I've seen a good deal of seasoned IT managers opening emails and their attachments from unknown sources and just by reading to the subject of the email we all knew that it was a phony. These same IT managers deactivated the update notifications and didn't made any security update for months, because they said that "not updating made the computer faster".

I did see my brother install XP three times in a row, when i told him before that he should install the antivirus before connecting to the internet (sasserworm times).

I think people know but don't care taking some basic security measures.

I use Firefox since ver 0.7. Never liked IE but had to use since was no real alternative.

I use free products for my security besides Zone Alarm Pro. For years AVG + Spybot Search and Destroy + Zone Alarm Pro with the combination of Firefox+NoScript makes my day.

But you have to be proactive with your security, not relying that you OS can make everything for you on that matter.
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