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remember my exciting news postings here? well not much, but ...
now they start deleting (my) postings over there:

thats some funny progress

Edit: one is lost, the two remaining, i post here, just in case ...


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12 Dec 2008 11:10
Harald K├╝ller wrote:

@H I T
You ask for what ??

read again, what i wrote and think again. i stoped asking for related media/snapshots/benchmarks of the natami (prototype, early stage models, etc). i DO NOT ASk for anything, anymore...
but those fanboy "thank you" sayings, i'm a bit sick of. What did the natami team gave us? even the compareable Atari-FPGA project has more screenshots, of _existing_ prototypes.
here we have _nothing_. If the team needs some more years, ok, np. but then stop the whole pseudo public relation (website/forum) and come back, IF you have something to show.
so I stay with my previous post. Thanks for nothing, so far, Natami team.


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12 Dec 2008 17:37
while reading again what Peter K. wrote. They have time to watch the progress of the "Porsche Museum". maybe just dreaming of obtaining one?. nothing left for _their_ community, but insulting them.
He can state what he want. this is childish and the Natami Team _itself_ is harming the whole project, by acting like this team-member. thats for a fact.
gunnar indeed did a good start, but he was the only one, who did some communication. but i dont understand, why he has not even 5 minutes to give a report, within 6 weeks now?
something is wrong with the project, for sure, no matter what they say.

Edit: thats just a funny thing. they have deleted my first post in this thread, team natami, you are just ridiculous!!

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13 Dec 2008 09:37

Peter K. wrote:

Thanks to all, who support the project with your kind words,
thoughtful discussion and answers on questions, that save
us the time to answer.

just in case you missed it, there is a hardware faq. but what beside this can anyone answers to others? rumors, false information, speculations?
i said it above ( thanks for deleting my posts ...) its your own fault, if the projects gets discredited.
but some are simply common sense resistent.

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